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British and Malayan Holdings Limited, 100% wholly owned subsidiary is British and Malayan Trustees Limited (“BMT”) which has been providing trust services to families, companies, financial institutions, charities and high net worth individuals from its home in Singapore since 1924.

As a pioneer member of the Singapore Stock Exchange, we are uniquely positioned as a licensed independent trust company offering the stability and flexibility to meet bespoke needs of clients. We are a full service Singapore based trust company assisting clients globally.

Our Core Values

  • Independent
  • Client focused
  • Long term business partner
  • Fiduciary duties at the heart of
    our business

BMT’s Regulatory Regime & Licenses

  • A licensed Trust Company
  • An Approved Trustee for Collective Investment Schemes
  • A Capital Markets Services Licence for providing Custodial Services for Securities

Our services

Family Services

Family Holding Structures; Private Trust Companies; Succession Planning; Asset and Entity Administration.


We have over the decades successfully administered and settled all manner of significant estates; both for a prompt and efficient resolution as well as for generational preservation and distribution.


We support a variety of charitable structures and activities, domestically and internationally.

Real Estate Services

We have throughout our history offered full real estate solutions for clients and their estates, including administration, transactions and development.


Financing – We serve in various trustee and agency capacities to facilitate corporate and transactional financings, such as securities and bond offerings; MTN Programs; Securitisations, etc.


Funds; Asset Structuring

Fund Trustee and Administration – We have extensive experience with all manner of funds as Trustee, Administration and/or Custodian (We hold a CMS license to serve as Custodian and are an Approved Trustee for Collective Investment Schemes).


Our People

Investor Relations

British and Malayan Holdings Limited is listed on the mainboard of the Singapore Stock Exchange and company specific announcements can be accessed at www.sgx.com under the tab Company Information/Company Announcements.

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